An electric fireplace TV stand is a TV stand unit with an electric fireplace appliance built in. Electric fireplace TV stands are often linear in design but can also come as corner units, and the electric fire insert will typically be found in the middle bottom of the unit with storage space to the top and sides.

Electric fireplace TV stands combine a typical TV stand with an electric fireplace insert to create one appliance that allows you to place a TV on top of the unit, and to store any other media appliances or other decorations within the shelving and cupboard spaces, while also being able to enjoy the look and experience of a fire.

As an example, our electric fireplace TV stand:

  • Is a linear model
  • Has an electric fireplace insert located in the middle at the base of the unit
  • Has cupboard space behind glass doors on each end
  • Has an open shelf below the TV shelf and above the electric fire